Module 92107-16 Training Program Development and Administration – Instructor Copy


Construction workforce development has a primary focus on workforce training. It is the responsibility of the CWFD professional to determine who needs to be trained, as well as the skills and knowledge that need to be conveyed by the training. The next step is to determine where the training will be conducted, and whether it will be necessary to establish a training facility for this purpose. The final step is to acquire the faculty needed to deliver the training, and the staff required to operate the training facility.

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Instructor Requirements

In order for you to provide NCCER credentials to students taking Construction Workforce Development Professional, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit the Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification application
  • Pass the Construction Workforce Development Professional Certification assessment
  • Be an NCCER Certified Craft Instructor


The NCCER Construction Workforce Development Professional certification provides a credential to professionals whose primary role is to assist organizations and communities in developing and maintaining a skilled workforce. The certification provides a level of distinction in the construction workforce development field that has not been available until now. Click here to download the application.