Craft Test Packages

With the new NCCER Testing System, accredited organizations have two ways to buy and pay for tests:

Option One:  Per test pricing – Go directly to the NCCER Testing System and have trainees/students begin taking tests. Monthly invoices will be automatically generated for tests taken during that month. There are no pricing discounts for this option and purchase orders are not accepted.  Click here to go directly to the testing system.

Option Two:  Package test pricing – Prepay for tests and receive discounts through You can buy packages of 100 tests with discounts starting at packages of 500. Using allows you to pay for your tests in advance, receive discounts and use purchase orders.

PO numbers can only be used through for test packages of 100 or more tests.

Important to remember:

  • Written and performance tests are delivered and billed separately
  • Test packages do not expire
  • You can buy any combination of packages
  • Craft packages cannot be used on pipeline tests
  • You can switch from per test to package purchasing at any time within a month
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • From now through August 1, 2018, testing fees will be waived for performance tests only

Craft tests are now available! Visit for a complete list. You will be able to access the system once your Sponsor Representative has set you up.

Select your test package from the options below.


$3.00 per digital test
No discount per test


$2.85 per digital test
5% discount per test


$2.79 per digital test
7% discount per test


$2.70 per digital test
10% discount per test


$2.64 per digital test
12% discount per test

Starting at $17,850.00

$2.55 per digital test
15% discount per test